Friday, June 10, 2016

Black Beach

Notice the black sand which comes from the volcanic rock in the area. Also notice the white walk way which you have to use if you are going barefoot because of the heat of the sand. So this is where it gets interesting. We had someone give us directions and told us you can ride the quads on the beach. This was confirmed by another shop owner who said it was legal until 5PM. So we find an opening and cruise onto the beach. As soon as we began riding I had this bad feeling. I realized the sand was very soft and the only thing that kept me going was our momentum. I knew that if we stopped we would get stuck instantly. I also noticed there were no tracks on the beach and people had to dive out of the way as we barrelled down the beach and soon people began to yell at us. We deviced we need to get off but we also realized we couldn't do it without getting stuck and then we ran into the security guard who flagged us down. 

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